Not Being Able to Get Pregnant Is a Serious Problem

Have you been trying to conceive a baby for so long, but haven’t you been lucky enough to have one? After a couple of attempts, I still wondered why. Discover the following possible underlying causes:

According to ABC Health and Welfare, one in six couples is infertile and desperately seek how to get pregnant quickly. Fertility problems are said to occur in one in three women between 35 and above. So, some questions are most of the time they asked: Are you highlighted because you can’t get pregnant? Or stressed is that why you can’t get pregnant? Well, some may be really aware of possible answers, while some just tend not to pay much attention to this problem – the feeling of hopelessness and totally reluctant to do so.

Relax and don’t get stressed because here are some of the possible reasons why you’re not getting pregnant and some interventions that can be done.

Male factor

Andrology Australia revealed that one in 20 men have fertility problems in relation to their low sperm count during ejaculation or low sperm transport after ejaculation. The first thing to do is to see a doctor or urologist to diagnose the problem. Worry less, as it can be treated with medications or surgery, depending on what it is.


It is a disorder that is very painful for women because the tissues that normally line the inside of their endometrium grows outside the uterus. May cause a blockage in the fallopian tube; Therefore, sperm and egg cannot meet causing infertility. A laparoscopy that could help with this situation; Cysts are found during the procedure can be removed to resolve the problem.

Poor ovulation

Nearly 20 to 40 percent of women experience irregularities in their ovulations. Excess exercise, hormonal imbalances, excessive weight loss or weight gain and excess stress could throw a woman’s ovulation cycle out. All you need to do is visit your doctor who can give you oral medications that correct the disorder. Don’t forget to rest and stay away from stressors.

Tube irregularities

The structure of the fallopian tube must be in good condition so that sperm and egg can have a healthy place to get fertilized. A radiological examination may be the key to checking the problem. If confirmed, doctors suggest you have IVF to treat tubal disease.

The quality of the egg

As the woman ages, her eggs age with her – reducing the quantity and quality of the egg as advertised in her fertility. The risk of pregnancy also increases with age, fertility remains strong its decline when a woman reaches the age of 35 Having a better quality of eggs, doctors suggest having a healthy lifestyle. Try to lose some weight if you’re obese, start quitting smoking, and eat a healthy diet.

Therefore, if pregnancy is a challenge for you and your husband, try to visit a doctor who can help determine discrepancies. There are a lot of treatments and therapies to overcome safe and effective infertility.

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