Stretch marks in Men

The same as women stretch marks in men also appear when the skin stretches sharply, either by sudden weight gain or by increasing muscle mass in the case of men going to the gym, stretch marks in men can be prevented if we follow these very important steps.

Stretch marks are marks that remain on the skin, usually as a result of weight changes or a sudden stretching of tissue, such as in a pregnancy. For the same reason, they have historically been associated with women.

Although in men they are much less frequent, there are some who suffer from them for different reasons.

One particularly tough case is that of Ryan Roschke, assistant editor of the American entertainment portal PopSugar, who decided to reveal the secret that was hiding under his shirt.

“Since I was 16, I’ve hated being without a shirt in public. This was after a sudden autoimmune disorder changed my life completely. My body was devastated, my spirit destroyed, and my kidneys blocked. The doctors gave me a drug that expanded my body, quickly and without ceasing.
Within a month, the man revealed that he had deep irregular stretch marks carved into his skin,” he confessed.

If you want to know how to remove red stretch marks after pregnancy you may want to continue reading.
First of all we must remember that it is very important to drink a lot of water, water helps to keep skin cells hydrated and flexible. if by chance the skin cells become dehydrated, then we will be more likely to get stretch marks.

Exfoliation in the shower will help us remove the dead cells that we have on the top of the skin, and it will improve circulation to keep our skin always healthy, to properly exfoliate our skin it is advisable to use a soft bristle brush.

This special epole we must use to give us massages in the form of circles in the affected part with stretch marks, we must also use anti-stretch marks when we perform massages, the anti-stretchy creams help that these disappear and also prevent more.

In this web portal you can find more information on how to remove the red and white stretch marks from our skin.