How to Conquer a Man in a Week

I’m going to tell you my story of how I did to recapture my man in just 1 week, I was desperate as I didn’t know how to attract a married man and as much as I was looking it seemed like something I needed.

Besides, all I was doing was getting my ex-boyfriend to get further and further away from me. He called him constantly, texted him, wrote letters to him, left him messages on Facebook and never got a reply from him.

Who doesn’t want to become the best lover? No one is born knowing, and especially in sex, it is a matter of practice, a lot of practice, and some other seasoning, to be excellent in bed.

Would you like to know what things make you great in bed for men? Take a look.

You don’t lock yourself in having sex with your partner just in bed, and at night. You like to innovate, you’re creative in looking for new ways to spice things up with your guy.

One of the keys to being great in bed is precisely to put this place aside, and look for other original and bold places: the closet, the car, a staircase… just to name a few.

I didn’t know how to reconquer a man until a day everything changed…

Every day that passed I felt more depressed, to the point that I spent all day crying, I did not concentrate on my work, in my studies, the relationship with my family had cooled because I could not get out of my mind that special man I had not been able to win back.

The truth every day that passed I felt more and more worried until one day, I don’t know how, I got to a website called Secrets Of Reconquista.

The truth is that I was very struck because inside this website I was talking just about how I felt at the time, which I’m sure is the same thing you feel too. What struck me most was that within this page there was talk of the mistakes that I myself was making at the time, and that practically if I kept making them, it was going to be difficult, if not impossible, to win back a man since all I was doing at the time was to keep him away from me.

That’s what took my attention to this guide because if I kept making the same mistakes, it was practically going to be impossible to win back my man and I knew I had to do something about it.

In my next post I will continue to tell you how I managed to fall in love with my man madly.

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